Samos Wine Museum


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Samos Wine Museum

Housed in a magnificent 19th-century stone building, which was initially a private winery before being converted into a barrel-making warehouse, the Samos Wine Museum showcases an array of historical artefacts that embody the rich history of Samos wine, including collectable bottles, traditional barrel-making tools, and old winemaking equipment. The museum's design guides visitors through the traditional methods of vineyard cultivation in Samos and offers a comprehensive overview of the social, cultural, and historical significance of Samian wine.

Do & See

Samos is home to a wealth of beautiful beaches, both secluded and lively, but always surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The island's other assets include interesting museums, temples and castles, as well as the Cave of Pythagoras, where the ancient philosopher once resided and taught, and the marvel of ancient engineering that is the Tunnel of Eupalinos.