Feldt's bread and confectionery


Copyright: Louis Hansel/unsplash.com
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Feldt's bread and confectionery

Feldt's is a small but lovely bakery and cafe. There are only a few small sats with windows into the bakery area where you can observe bread and buns being baked. In the summer a few more tables pop up in front of the bakery, so you get some fresh air when sipping on your coffee. Feldt's is also a great place for souvenirs packed with flavour. Try their Christmas Special with 5 fudge sticks that will blow your mind: saffron, caramel, chocolate & orange, mint and gingerbread. Other less edible items like mugs and pins and awesome cookbooks are also available.


In Halmstad as well as in all of Sweden, a "fika", a pause for a cup of coffee and a pastry is mandatory. Below is a range of cosy cafes for you to pick from: