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Close to nature

There are 46 nature reserves within the municipality with different types of nature and wildlife, including a bird sanctuary. Inland you will find meadows and deep forests that offer a rich variety of outdoor activities. In Simlångsdalen you can go kayaking in the rivers and lakes. If you like fishing, Nissan and Fylleån offer good conditions for catching salmon and trout, and in the lakes the pike, bass and steelhead will bite. There are 200 kilometres of bicycle routes in the region. The Ginst trail takes you along the coast of Halland, the Hylte trail in the wilderness of Nissadalen and Cykelspåret (bike trail) through a range of terrain. The Banvall trail stretches 250 kilometres between Halmstad and Karlshamn. If you like hiking you got plenty to discover. The Prins Bertils trail follows the coast line from Halmstad castle to Tylösand. Then it turns inland and ends 18 kilometres from the castle in the nature reserve Möllegård. The trail Hallandsleden is 380 kilometres long and cuts trough Halmstad region but there is heaps of trails and walks close to the city. Near the centre is Galgberget and further out you will find Haverdal and Steninge, but also the woods of Skedala, Simlångsdalen and Kvibille.

Do & See

There is always something to do in Halmstad and the schedule includes theatre, sports, culture, art, history, nature, festivals, etc. There’s also lots of different art around Halmstad. Get an art map from the tourist office and set off around the city as your own guide. If you want to swing a club then there are ten golf courses to choose from in the Golfing Capital of Halmstad. Take a dip at one of the city’s many beaches, visit the flagship beach of Tylösand, or find your own favourite bay. Nature is constantly around us with wide-ranging moorland, forests, rocky slopes and thundering waterfalls. Experience one of our nature reserves on foot, bike or why not by canoe? As you will see there’s something for everyone in Halmstad — now it’s time to find your favourite.