Izakaya Moshi


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Izakaya Moshi

An Izakaya is a japanese pub or "drop in". They can be luxurious or simple but the well- prepared small dishes are always in the center. Inspiration comes from Japan of course but also from Vietnam, Korea and China. Listed in White Guide.


Växjö´s many restaurants offer food from all corners of the world. The surrounding lakes, forests and meadows are a huge stockpile for all those who appreciate Småland gastronomy. Some of the restaurants are so good that their trophy cabinets are full of honours from the White Guide and other prominent restaurant guides. But Växjö is also a coffee break town where you are never far away from a classic patisserie. The oldest patisserie was founded in 1876 and is still run today by descendants of the founder, Johan Broqvist. Sweden’s biggest food market is arranged annually in Växjö and the city has been awarded the distinction of being the Gastronomic Capital of the Year, by the Swedish government.